Menus Items + Structures


It is very common to get confused or frustrated when customizing a ProPhoto 6 template when things are not linking up correctly. Menus play a major role in linking up your site properly. Hopefully this tutorial will help you get passed the frustrations!


Menu Links

Menu links are created to be applied to menu structures. You can have as many menu links as you'd like, but in order to make them work properly you must add them into a menu structure.

To navigate to the menu links area :: ProPhoto Customizer > Toggle the 'Design' tab > Menus

There are a large variety of items available to use in your menus. This allows you to highly customize and easily direct users to different areas on or off your site. To choose menu items, select 'New Custom Item'.

Adding WordPress Pages and Galleries to Menu Structures

To add a WordPress Page to the menu, select the desired page from the right menu and click 'Add Selected'. If you wish to have galleries display in your menu, simply check the desired items and click 'Add Selected'.

Menu Structures

To create menu structures :: ProPhoto Customizer > Toggle the 'Design' tab > menus

You can choose to edit an already existing menu structure that from the active add-on design, which is typically the easier thing to do. You can also create a new menu structure. We suggest you name these structures something distinct. This will make customizing the template easier for you.  

Click and drag desired menu items to the menu structure. The menu items will appear on your site in the order they are in the structure. 

Add a menu structure to your website

In order to add a menu structure to your site, you will need to use the layout editor. 

We suggest making changes/adding to the main menu area in your base template. This is because in most cases, the base template contains the main menu, and all child templates inherit from the base.

To add or edit a menu :: ProPhoto Customizer > toggle 'Template' tab > Add widget to any column, select menu widget. 

The menu widget allows you to choose what type of device displays the horizontal menu. There is an option for the display type and horizontal alignment. These are the areas you will want to choose a horizontal or vertical menu, as well as right, left or center alignment. You can choose to hide the horizontal menu on tablet and phone screens. Below, we have provided information about mobile menu settings. 

Full tutorials on ProPhoto menus can be found on their website

Mobile Menu Settings

Typically horizontal menus are a lovely way to allow visitors to navigate throughout your site. However, they do not display well on all devices. Luckily, there is a mobile menu area that is great for smaller devices.

Mobile menu appearances are highly customizable and easy-to-use. In the mobile menu configuration area, you can choose which menu style to display on mobile devices. Here, you can choose when to show the mobile menu; whether it will be on small screens only, or shown always. Also available in this area, is whether you will switch to non-mobile menus at a medium or large screen. The mobile menu can open from the left or right side of the screen. The mobile menu open and close toggle graphic can be a tile or uploaded image.

Extensive tutorials on mobile menu settings can be found on the ProPhoto website