Templates + Pages


How Pages work in P6

Each page you see in the demo has its own page template that you can edit in the ProPhoto Customizer (Prophoto > Design > Customizer). Each ProPhoto template needs to be assigned to a Wordpress page in order to function properly.

Typically, the base template contains the logo, menu, and footer customizations. This way, all of the other templates inherit these same widgets. We will be going into greater detail on template inheritance on a separate blog post.

In order to begin, you will need to create a Wordpress page and assign it to a ProPhoto template. You can use as many or as few templates as you’d like. 


Assign a template to a page

After importing the design, all Wordpress pages will need to be assigned to their specific ProPhoto page templates where you are planning to use them.
To assign templates to pages :: Wordpress Settings > Pages > Select Page > Assign Template override
To assign pages to WP page :: ProPhoto > Customizer > toggle top-left switch to ‘Design’ > Menus > Select Menu item > Assign


ProPhoto Template Assignments

ProPhoto 6 is way more flexible when it comes to assigning templates. In the customizer, there are assignment options for 404 pages, plus options to set templates for individual blog post categories, custom post types, proofing gallery page types, and much more.
To assign templates to pages :: ProPhoto > Customizer > Templates > Assignments

A Detailed description of templates and designs can be found here.