ProPhoto 6 Help Series

So, in case you haven't heard - ProPhoto 6 got a COMPLETE makeover. So forget everything you once knew about ProPhoto and throw it out the window, erase the memories, whatever you gotta do. Cause P6 is a whole new ball game. We thought it would be helpful to you photogs if we went through the best features ProPhoto has to offer, as well as the toughest things to overcome. 

I know what you're thinking - 'I don't have time to learn a totally new interface!' Well with our help, you'll be able to conquer ProPhoto and have a brand spankin' new website that you'll be proud of. Below you will see a list of what we will be covering in more details in the posts to come.

• How to Install and set up your new site

• ProPhoto Templates + Wordpress Pages

• Creating menus and linking properly

• Layout Editor - all the customization possibilities

• Font + Text styles

• Site Background

• Creating and Managing Designs

• Inheritance

• Social Media Integration

• Widgets

• Galleries + Grids 

• Tiles - formerly known as buttons

• Content Customizations - post content + comments style

• Call to Action Items

• Forms


** ProPhoto has created some awesome tutorials on their website, so make sure to take advantage of those resources as well! **