Font + Text Styles

Adding Font Styles

We make a huge effort to find really awesome free fonts (or fabulous system fonts) to use in our templates. ProPhoto added a feature to easily load google fonts as well as a section for custom fonts. This has made it very simple for you to use the font styles we have chosen for this design or add your own as you wish! If you choose to use a custom font, you must upload it as a .woff file.


ProPhoto > Customizer > toggle top-left switch to ‘Design’ > Fonts > Google Fonts


ProPhoto > Customizer > toggle top-left switch to ‘Design’ > Fonts > Custom Fonts


ProPhoto > Customizer  > toggle top-left switch to ‘Design’ > Fonts > Font Styles

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 11.43.18 AM.png

Applying Font styles to your website 

The ProPhoto customizer allows for you to use these font styles in many areas of your site. You can apply these text styles to menus, widgets, content areas, as well as tiles. 

Menu Font Styles

Font styles can be assigned in ProPhoto > Customizer  > Toggle 'Template' tab > Menus > Appearance.

You can also find these options in the layout editor under template settings. 

You can override the assigned font styles of certain menu items. For example, if you want the font style for a blog menu to be different than the main menu, you can select a different font style for that menu area. Simply navigate to the area you want to override, and change the inherit font style. 

Content Area Font Styles

To edit or customize the text styles in your page & post content, go to 'ProPhoto > Customizer > toggle 'Template' tab > Content'. We will be covering content area customizations in more depth in a separate post, so be watching for that. 

Widget Font Styles

Widgets have a large variety of font style customizations. We suggest assigning general font styles under the template layout editor settings. It is easy to override text styles for specific blocks; just simply click the icon in the top right of the font style you wish to change, and select new style. 

Copyright Text + Archive-Type Page Title Styling

Copyright Text can be changed in the ProPhoto Customizer > toggle 'Template' tab > Background > Copyright Font style.

Archive-type page title style is changed in ProPhoto Customizer > toggle 'Template' tab > content > Post Header. Scroll to the bottom of the page to get to this area.

You can find a full tutorial on using fonts and text styles on the ProPhoto website