Create + Manage Designs

Manage existing designs

The manage designs area is where you will find free and purchased designs. Whatever design is live will appear in the block with a black background. A live design is simply the design that visitors see when they reach your site. All non-live designs will fall below this area. This includes designs that are currently being customized. 

There are four areas on the live design area that are worth noting. 

  1. Edit Info is where you can edit the title and information about the template.
  2. Export is used if you wish to export the design to use on another ProPhoto site. A .zip file will be downloaded to your computer. This is also useful if you wish to keep an original version of the template for backup purposes. 
  3. Copy is pretty self-explanatory; it simply makes a copy of a template. The copy will appear below the live design in the manage designs area. 
  4. Setup opens up the design on-boarder which is a great tool for setting up your site. It is a good idea to have your WordPress pages created already before performing setup. You can return to this at any time throughout the customization process. You can view a full tutorial on the on-boarding process here.

Under the live design, you will see non-live designs that you can customize or choose to go live.  

Add a new design

You can either create a new design from scratch or import a design.

To start with a brand new design, click 'Create new Design' and a window will pop up to name your design and input further information. To add a purchased design, simply drag and drop the design into the 'import a design' area. 

To create a new design from a free or purchased template, simply click the green button labeled 'create new design'. This will create a copy of the design for you to customize. 

You can make as many customizations as you'd like without visitors seeing. Once you have made your customizations and want to make your site visible to visitors, simply click 'go live. 

Learn about test-driving ProPhoto privately here. Also, be sure to check out the tutorial on creating and managing designs on the ProPhoto website.