Social Media Integration

Adding your Instagram Feed

A wonderful new feature added to this new version of ProPhoto is the ability to add an Instagram feed to your site without any code or plug-ins! Woo-hoo!! This feature is easy to use and highly customizable, so you can get it to look just the way you want.

To add an Instagram feed to a page template, you simply use a grid widget.

If you purchase a design that utilizes an Instagram grid, you will see a message reading ‘Unknown Grid Type Exported’ when you upload the design. This is where the Instagram appears in the demo. In order to display your own Instagram feed, you will need to authorize your account and create the grid. 

To authorize your Instagram feed go to ProPhoto > Settings > Site Settings >Instagram > Authorize.

To add an Instagram grid widget ProPhoto > Customize > Toggle switch to ‘Template’ > Layout > Base Template >  Add grid widget > Select Instagram feed Grid Type .

In this window, you will be able to customize the appearance of your Instagram widget. You can select the number of items to display, choose your grid style (overlaid text on rollover or text below), and whether or not to show the Instagram caption. You can also decide how the images are cropped (cropped or masonry), what the crop ratio will be, as well as the sizing of the grid. 


In order to implement Twitter into ProPhoto, you will need to enter your Twitter account username and setup “API Credentials”. This is so that your site can retrieve and send data with Twitter. 

STEP ONE :: Enter your Twitter Username. Only enter what comes after from the url in your browser. Aka do not include the '@' symbol.

STEP TWO :: Set up your Twitter "API Credentials". The reason for this is so that Twitter can trust your site and get info from your account. This way, ProPhoto can retrieve your tweets from your account. Twitter API Credentials can be found in ProPhoto > Settings > Twitter API Credentials

Make sure to have two tabs/windows opened - one being the ProPhoto “Social Media” settings screen, and the other being the Twitter Developers site where you will use your Twitter username and password to sign in.

Once you sign in, a screen will show your applications. This will most likely be empty. If it is, select 'Create New APP'. Then a screen will come up saying 'create an application'.

For the name portion, make sure to include something unique. Under the description, try to be specific (maybe something along the lines of ProPhoto, or used for website widgets). Website should just be your website url. Callback URL is not required. 

Once you will all of this information out, make sure to check the box labeled 'Yes, I have read and agreed to the Twitter Developer Agreement.

Create your Access Token

Because ProPhoto pulls info from your Twitter account, they need to authenticate ProPhoto. Click the “API Keys” tab at the top, and scroll to the bottom of the screen. Select 'Create my Access Token' at the bottom. Then you will see a confirmation message at the top of the window saying that your token is being created. To see if the token has been made, scroll to the top and select 'API Keys' or refresh your browser. Scroll to the bottom to find your token. Hopefully you're seeing the token. If not, repeat these steps.

Copy and paste your credentials, which are the four long numbers. Paste them into ProPhoto. 

The first two numbers you will need can be found in the Application settings section. These are the “API key” and “API secret” numbers. Paste these into ProPhoto.

The other two numbers you will need are the 'Access token' and 'Access token secret' numbers, which can be found in your access token area. Again, paste them into the last two boxes in ProPhoto. 

Once you have input these numbers, make sure to save your changes. Make sure to double-check and make sure everything is working smoothly.

See more extensive instructions on Twitter Integration on the ProPhoto website.



The P6 Facebook page widget is great, because it allows people who visit your site to interact with your business Facebook page. This is available for any ProPhoto template. In order for this to work, the Facebook page you wish to use must be visible to the public. If you need to create a new Facebook page, do so here
ProPhoto > Customizer > Layout > Select 'P6 Facebook Page Widget' 

A window will pop-up for you to customize the ProPhoto 6 Facebook Page Widget.

More information on the Facebook widget can be found here