Using widgets in ProPhoto 6

Widgets are areas of content that can be added to any area of your website.  Previously, adding widgets into ProPhoto sites would be done in the WordPress area, but now the ProPhoto team has worked very hard to create more flexibility for where widgets can be displayed. Now, you can add and edit widgets inside the ProPhoto Customizer. Woohoo!! In the ProPhoto Customizer, you can use widgets to add content to the overall layout of the site. For Example, if you want to have a menu at the top of your site you add a menu widget in one of the top columns. Clicking the add widget button opens a popup showing all the available widgets (which you can see below). WordPress widgets are shown in black and the ProPhoto-specific widgets have blue highlights. It is also an option to copy widgets as well as customize widget spacing.

To add widgets > ProPhoto > Customizer > toggle top-left switch to ‘Template’ > Layout > Add a widget

Widget Visibility

Widgets are fully responsive and very easy to customize. Sometimes widgets do not display on mobile devices, so you might want to hide them on certain screens. This is possible in blocks, rows, columns, and even individual widgets. 

Copying Widgets

Another great feature of widgets is their ability to be copied. Copied widgets can be customized without making changes to the original.

To make a copy of a widget, simply click the copy icon. Once you click the copy icon, you will see paste icons appearing in each column next to the 'add a widget' icon. You can even copy and paste widgets to other page templates. How cool is that?!

Linking Graphic Widgets

Graphic widgets have the ability to navigate you elsewhere on your site. Graphic widgets include images or tiles. To apply a link to a graphic widget, simply go into the layout editor in the ProPhoto customizer and paste the desired link into the area labeled 'links to'. You can also decide how the link will open, in the same window or in a new window. 

We will be writing a post specifically dedicated to the functionality of tiles, so be on the lookout for that!

You can find tutorials on widget types, editing widget contents, styling widget text, copying widgets, and widget spacing here: https://help.prophoto.com/prophoto6/widgets/