Can I get my digital order instantly?

Yes. Once purchased, file download will appear on the Order Confirmation page. Also, you will automatically receive an email containing a link to the file. This link will EXPIRE 24 HOURS after it's first clicked. If you have any trouble with your download, do not hesitate to contact us.

Can you mail me my files on disc?

At this time we only deliver our products via digital downloads. 

Are your templates compatible with Photoshop Elements?

Sometimes. Our templates use image masks and many layers in Photoshop. As far as we know, image masks aren’t compatible with most versions of Elements. The newest release of Elements (9.0) is capable of using image masks, though it works a little differently. We’ve got a tutorial here.

What are “Image Masks”?

In real life, masks may be associated with robbers, bandits and the Lone Ranger, but with image-editing software, masking can be an essential way to edit and tweak photographs. The Adobe Photoshop software lets you apply image masks, which can help with layering and trying to work out a design without having parts of the picture get in your way. A mask never harms your original source file, since you save the file separately. With Photoshop, apply masks to parts of images you want to temporarily get out of your way. There's also a tutorial for that.

Do you donate gift certificates to workshops?

Yes. We often donate to workshops we find educational or inspirational for photographers. If you host a workshop and you’d like us to donate goodies, please email with details of your workshop here.

I have an idea for a template that I can’t seem to find anywhere. Do you take requests for new products?

Yes! We love for clients to make suggestions / requests for new products, colors, designs. Please email us your suggestions / requests here. If we use your idea – you’ll get a complimentary set inspired by your ideas.

Do I get the fonts with template?

Fonts are not transferable – in fact, transferring fonts is illegal. However, we will point you to the sources for these fonts. Typically, we will direct you to free fonts to help save you money.

ProPhoto Questions

Can you design a custom ProPhoto blog or logo design for me?

Yes. You can check out our Branding and Website Customizations on the branding menu tab.

I have some questions about how to customize my template. Can you help?

We love to help in any way we can. ProPhoto has a pretty great video tutorial library. Check it out here. Also, if you sign up for our newsletter you will receive a FREE ProPhoto6 instructional guide that will help you out tons!