ProPhoto and ShowIt

Ready to revamp your website, but not sure which platform to use? Don’t fret – we are here to help in any way we can! Before we dive in, we wanted to go ahead and say that you can’t make a bad choice here. Both ProPhoto and ShowIt are GREAT platforms to build your site on and are sure to wow your dream clients! These WordPress-compatible fully responsive web design platforms help give you a lovely, unique new site without using any code! Free designs are included with the purchase of either of these platforms. We also have taken a lot of time to write tutorials of our own to help you get going on these platforms!


  • Fully responsive on ALL device types (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, and Phone)
  • Google Font integration and area to upload custom fonts
  • Great Portfolio Options
  • Ability to copy page templates
  • Easy integration of WordPress content (Blog, Galleries, Media)
  • Get a lovely, unique design without any code!
  • Easy and highly customizable contact forms
  • The ProPhoto support page has a library of tutorials to help get you started and answer common questions
  • A one-time payment is required for ProPhoto. (domain and hosting plan are also required, read our post about hosting we recommended here)
  • The ProPhoto support team is helpful with helping customize the design, but might take a few days – just be patient 🙂



  • The drag-and-drop platform that makes it easy to customize and see your changes right then
  • Google Font integration and area to upload custom fonts
  • Customize mobile devices (phone) separately
  • Ability to copy page templates
  • Fully integrated WordPress for your blog. It even uses the same drag-and-drop platform as the rest of the site design.
  • ShowIt has many of the same tools you would see on Photoshop or Illustrator making it easy for creatives to customize.
  • An extremely responsive support team that allows you to chat with a ShowIt team member.
  • A yearly or monthly subscription fee is required and comes with web hosting
  • Limited customizations with individual blog posts and comment areas


Check out our Website templates for ProPhoto and ShowIt in our shop!

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