We'll send you a few emails and assignments to complete as well as some important business-y things like a contract, and invoice. You will also receive a website or template customization questionnaire so we can get a better idea of who you are and how you run your business. We will create a dropbox and share with you to upload your content into. 

01 gather

Once you get content uploaded, we will begin planning out the general homepage layout. This will give you a better idea of how we plan to implement your brand elements as well as your gorgeous work into a custom website or template of your choosing. At this phase, you will also choose what website platform you wish to have your site customized on, as well as a pre-designed template (unless you choose to do website customization). 

02 plan

Once the layout of the design has been completed and approved, we will begin programming your site on the platform of your choosing. Throughout this process, it is important to us that you have good communication to ensure we are going in the correct direction. 

03 customize

Next, we will finalize revisions you wish to make to complete your website. Once we finalize everything, we will hit that button and allow all the world to see your beautiful new web-facial! Website shown is Leah Nicole photography.

04 go live!

alison from
the wilds

Handing over the reigns of my website to Swoone was the best business decision I've ever made. Not only did they tie up all of the loose ends that were collecting dust on my to-do list, but Swoone took my website to a whole new level. They broke the confines of the template I had been picking away at for the last year and gave me something that I could truly be proud of. My only regret is not hiring Swoone sooner!

leah Nicole Photography

Swoone was, and continues to be a very helpful resource for me.
They made sure I was happy with each change and at every step.  Swoone helped me create a brand that I am confident putting in front of clients. It is professional, classy, clean, and beautiful! 

Happy Clients

Website customization is meant for those photographers who already have existing branding and are looking for a new website. We will build your website from scratch on a platform of your choosing (ProPhoto, ShowIt, or Divi) and will implement all existing brand elements. At the end of this process, you will get a brand new one-of-a-kind website that compliments your branding as well as your work.

** Themes or plugins might require additional fees.


Website Customization

Take template customization to the next level with the Plus option. This service goes beyond the scope of the basic template customization by allowing blocks, rows, and columns to be rearranged and reordered. Also included in this package is an extra custom designed page template just for you! When we're done, you won't even believe you started with an existing template!

**This fee does not include the template. The add-on design must be purchased separately.


Template Customization Plus

Already have your branding set in stone, but need a new website? In this package, we will customize one of our very own ProPhoto 6 or ShowIt templates (of your choosing) to match your branding. This service simply includes changing out the content in the demo with your copy, images, and brand elements. No rearranging or reordering blocks, rows, or columns is included in this fee.

**This fee does not include the template. The add-on design must be purchased separately.


Basic Template Customization

Website Investment

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