Website Customization $3200

Website customization is meant for those photographers who already have existing branding and are looking for a new website. We will build your website from scratch on a platform of your choosing (ProPhoto, Squarespace, or Divi). At the end of this process, you will get a brand new one-of-a-kind website that compliments your branding as well as your work. 


Template Customization $1175

Already have your branding set in stone, but need a new website? Template customization is perfect for those photographers that are not quite ready to jump the gun and get a fully customized website. In this package, we will customize one of our very own ProPhoto 6 templates (of your choosing) to match your branding. And when we're done, you won't even believe you started with an existing template! 

Customization Process

.01 Gather

A few emails will be sent your way including a contract and invoice. You will also receive a custom website or template questionnaire to inform us of what exactly you're looking for. We then, will create a dropbox for you to add your contact into.

.02 Plan

We will schedule a call to go through the questionnaire and cover any questions or concerns. Also during this call, we will discuss what template or platform (ProPhoto, Squarespace, or Divi) your website will be customized on.

.03 Customize

First, we will design a homepage mockup to give you an idea of what your site will look like. Then we actually begin customizing the platform or template of your choosing. You will give us a final approval once all content has been added.

.04 Go Live

We did it! You've got a brand new website that compliments your beautiful work! We will send you an exit questionnaire to get your feedback. We love hearing what our clients think, so that we can improve for future projects.