Customization Process

.01 Analysis

We'll send you a few emails and assignments to complete as well as some important business-y things like a contract, and invoice. You will also receive a branding questionnaire and style analysis to get to know you better. Once this is completed, we will begin a private Pinterest board to get a sense of your creative style.

.02 Styling

Based on the Pinterest board created, we will create a brand direction mood board with images we feel best reflect your work. A call will be scheduled to go over your thoughts about the mood board. This will give us a better idea of how to create a brand identity you will be proud of.

.03 Design

You will receive 2 logo options based on our style analysis. Once you choose your logo direction, you will receive a pdf brand presentation including logo, colors, secondary accents and font selections. Take a couple days to look this over and take note of any questions or comments.

.04 Finalize

Next, we will schedule a call to chat about any minor revisions you wish to make. We will wrap up project by sending a .zip file of everything we have curated for you. Inside the .zip file are Vector files, PSD files, a lookguide and the final brand presentation. And BAM - that's a wrap, folks!

Our Recent Work

Little Bird Photography + Films Website Customization

Little Bird is a fun-loving, adventurous photo and film studio for families who love to play in the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Whether you're visiting the islands or you're one of the lucky ones who live there, Hi Little Bird is the perfect choice for your family photo session. Heather's beautiful images, and laid-back, joyful personality made this process an absolute breeze! *We did not provide branding services for this project.

The Bergs Website Customization

The Bergs are a set of goofy, talented photographers who just so happened to be obsessed with dinosaurs. Former clients of Braizen, Kevin and Nicole have been an absolute joy to work with updating their website to the newest version of ProPhoto. Oh, and we're totally jealous with their life. Check out their awesome adventures!

The Red M Studio Website Customization

Located in the heart of New Orleans, The Red M Studio is made up of a pair of storytellers who are on a quest to create family legacies with an authentic, spirited photographic experience. Branded by Braizen, this lovely pair was an absolute joy to work with and updating their website to the newest version of ProPhoto was a blast.

One Eleven Photography Template Customization

One Eleven Photography is a former client of our big sister Braizen. We had an absolute blast making this beautiful brand come to life with a template customization. Lead photographer, Jenna Elliott was a breeze to work with and her brand elements were the perfect addition to make this template beautifully unique!

Tara Brooks Template Customization

Tara Brooks Photography is a studio and natural light photographer who specializes in seniors, newborn, and family sessions. The Swoone team customized our Savannah ProPhoto 6 template to fit her existing branding and lovely portfolio. 


Website Customization $3200

Website customization is meant for those photographers who already have existing branding and are looking for a new website. We will build your website from scratch on a platform of your choosing (ProPhoto, Squarespace, or Divi). At the end of this process, you will get a brand new one-of-a-kind website that compliments your branding as well as your work. 

Template Customization $1200

Already have your branding set in stone, but need a new website? Template customization is perfect for those photographers that are not quite ready to jump the gun and get a fully customized website. In this package, we will customize one of our very own ProPhoto 6 templates (of your choosing) to match your branding. And when we're done, you won't even believe you started with an existing template! 

Let's Work Together!

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