2017 – A year in review

Wow, what a year it has been for the Swoone family. These last 12 months have been busy here at Swoone as we try to grow our business and improve for you photogs! We have taken on a ton of custom projects and developed new products, added a new team member, and helped a new business take off! So check out our year in review to see what we’ve accomplished in 2017!

Custom projects

Custom work has absolutely blown up in 2017. Last year, we were just dipping our toes into the branding and custom website design world. Now we have over a dozen new branding and website projects in our portfolio!

2017 - Our year in Review • The Bergs and The Red M Website Design

We started off the year with website customizations on ProPhoto for a couple former Braizen clients. This custom web design for The Bergs was so much fun. The design itself is very simple and allows the branding elements to come alive. For the most part, we kept the same design of their former ProPhoto site by Braizen. The backbone of the design remained the same, we just enhanced a few things to make the site responsive. The Red M was a little more involved and custom that the typical website design. This is why we love showing it off! This web design is bursting with fun personality and beautiful photography.

2017 - Our year in Review • Little Bird Website Design and Leah Nicole Branding

This website customization for Hi Little Bird was effortless with Heather’s stunning work and easy going personality. A great part of this project was the website content. Heather spent a lot of time perfecting the material visitors would see when they reached her website. Disclaimer: Swoone did not provide branding services for this project. Texas Wedding photographer brand Identity for Leah Nicole includes earthy hand-drawn illustrations, a lovely color palette, and classic typography.

2017 - Our year in Review • J. Nicole Branding and Leah Nicole Website Design

J. Nicole‘s brand concept includes a classic logo and hand-painted watercolor illustrations. In 2018, we get the privilege of completing a template customization for Jessica and we are so thrilled! We customized our Noah template on ProPhoto for Leah Nicole. This template was a great fit because it gave room to let her work shine and to implement her brand elements.

2017 - Our year in Review • The Wilds Photography and Brandi Grooms Website Design

Alison contacted us in March about a template customization for The Wilds. Until this project, we had not worked with Showit, but once we did the rest was history! We simplified her website and photography branding to make the site easier to navigate. Also included in this customization were a couple extra page designs including a client hub, about The Wilds, and more. For Brandi Grooms, we customized our Luxor template to update her ProPhoto site. During the web design process, we cleaned up links and pages on her old site.

2017 - Our year in Review • Jen Dz Branding and April Photography Website Design

Jen Dz is a beautiful wedding photographer out of Colorado who really pushed us out of our comfort zones. Her work is so strong and beautiful, we wanted to create a brand that accompanies her portfolio tastefully. For April Photography‘s website, we customized our Free Spirit ProPhoto template. Her brand elements were the perfect way to make this template hers.

2017 - Our year in Review • The Wilds Wedding and Event Venue Branding and Website Design

Since we have only worked with photographers thus far, The Wilds Venue branding and website design was an exciting change of pace. This was also a different process since the venue was not built when we began the project. High-end luxury is the design this of the venue, so the brand reflects this style. We then held off for a few months until the building of the venue began to start the process of website customization. Often times wedding and event venues have hard to navigate sites. So our goal for The Wilds site was to keep it simple and beautiful.

2017 - Our year in Review • Two Ring StudiosWe kept the branding and website design for Two Ring Studios classic and simple. This brand is one that will last through the changing trends, as will the website. Their former site used our Foreverly add-on design template for ProPhoto 5. When designing, we drew some inspiration from the clean homepage grid and page layouts.

Began working with Showit

2017 - Our year in Review • Swoone site on Showit

For quite some time, we were curious about the WordPress theme Showit. At the end of the summer, when our good friend Alison from The Wilds contacted us about customizing her website on Showit, we got to give it a try. And let us tell you, we absolutely fell in love! We loved working with Showit so much, we even updated our site too! Since we fell in love with this platform, we have worked really hard to convert all of our ProPhoto templates over. So check them out today!

Kallie Owens – Our co-worker bestie

One of AnneMarie’s personal favorite parts of the year was when Swoone’s big sis, Braizen hired on her college bestie Kallie. I mean who doesn’t want to share a desk and sometimes lunch with one of their greatest pals? More laughs and quicker flat lay shoots are now possible. She’s patient, organized and just what the office needed.

The Type Set Co

2017 - Our year in Review • The Type Set Co

Introducing the newest business venture of the Opieh Studios crew, The Type Set Co. Redesigned Alphabet Refrigerator Magnets for the sophisticated adult! They currently come in black white and matte gold, because shouldn’t everything? These nostalgic letter sets are perfect for infusing your spaces with style and personality. Other products will include magnetic chalkboards and toolkits containing straight and curved composing tools. All products will be available for pre-order on December 28th!

2017 - Our year in Review • The Type Set Co

So 2017, you’ve been fabulous but we really can not wait to see what this next year has in store! We are always working on ways we can improve for you phorographers. So if there’s anything you think we could do better or offer, please give us a shout, we would love to hear from you!


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