Brandi Grooms Template Customization

This Boudoir Photographer Website design for Brandi Grooms Johnson began with Swoone’s ProPhoto template Luxor. Brandi is a boudoir photographer who strives to capture the inner radiance and allure of her subjects. Being a former client of Braizen, this brand was a breeze to translate to the web. During the web design process, we cleaned up links and pages on Brandi’s old ProPhoto site. The more links visitors have to click on your site, the less likely they will stay to read more. User experience is a great way to improve your online web presence.  Keeping possible clients engaged on your site is imperative in website design. Info pages were additionally designed for Boudoir sessions as well as lifestyle sessions.

Boudoir Photographer Website design for Brandi Grooms

Blending her sultry, fine art style with an editorial lifestyle influence, Brandi’s work is elegant, spontaneous, and rich with beauty and emotion.

Boudoir Photographer Website design for Brandi Grooms

Luxor was designed with senior photographers in mind, yet fits this boudoir photographer’s brand beautifully. The genre of photography in the demo images is absolutely not the only style that works for a given template. This shows the true the beauty of add-on website templates. Always keep this in mind when choosing ProPhoto or Showit templates. Interested in template customization, but not sure which one to choose? We can help you decide what add-on design is best for your brand. We would love to get to know you and your business. Inquire with us today!


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