Customizing a Website Template to Fit Your Brand

Feeling overwhelmed with your new website template and don’t know where to begin? Well, don’t fret! We have come up with a few tips to help you customize a website template to fit your brand! The beauty of website templates is their versatility and user-friendly features. They are a great starting place if you’re not sure where to begin with upgrading your website. Both Showit and ProPhoto are great platforms to create a stunning website that is totally YOU. If you are new to the photography business and do not have a strong brand cultivated just yet, then a Swoone website template is a great choice! We design each website template with certain design elements that allow you to either use as a base or replace with your own content/style. Think of these designs as a sort of ‘starting point’ to build on as your business develops. Below, we have listed a few easy ways to make a website template one-of-a-kind. Since we provide templates for Showit and ProPhoto, we will give pointers on how to customize a site on both platforms.


A great and simple way to make a website template truly yours is to begin with the font styles area. We always suggest finding free web-friendly fonts if you have not purchased a web license for your brand font. This will save you money and be simpler for you to implement on your ProPhoto or Showit site.

To change typography within Showit, you will go into ‘Design Settings’. Here, you can customize the Title, Heading, Subheading, and Paragraph text. To upload a custom brand font, you must upload a WOFF file to your media library. Go into the media library at the bottom of the window to drag and drop your file. Open up ‘Design Settings’ and select ‘Fonts’ from the tab in the top of the pop-up window. Underneath the ‘Custom Fonts’ area, select the font you uploaded to the media library.

In ProPhoto, you will customize the font styles in the customizer. Select ‘Font Styles’ in the left side menu. Here, you add a new font style or edit an existing one. To add a custom font, select an existing font, or ‘add font style’ and click the font that is used, then select ‘Filter/Add Fonts’. Un-check all options except ‘User Uploaded’. Either drag-and-drop or click to select the WOFF font file. You should see it appear below.


If you are new to the photography business and do not really have a brand color palette yet, then a Swoone template is a great choice! Use the colors provided in the template to begin your brand color palette, if you’d like. However, if you’ve got a color palette in place, simply enter your HEX codes into areas of your site.

For Showit templates, it is a little easier to change the colors throughout your entire site. This is because there is a universal color palette accessed easily throughout the website builder. To set your color palette, go into the Showit app and select ‘Design Settings’ on the top left. There, you can add the HEX codes of your brand.

For ProPhoto templates, you will need to have a HEX code easily on hand to copy and paste during the customization process. There are no universal settings for adding color throughout a ProPhoto template. However, you can still add a color to really any area.


In each template, we have designated an area for a logo. If you have a logo, use this as a sort of ‘placeholder’ for your own logo. If you do not have a logo, we totally recommend customizing the logo used on the demo site to your name if possible! We do our best to provide editable logos within the Showit or ProPhoto themes, which makes it easier for you to update.

If you’re ready for a completely new brand, contact us today about giving you revamp that will help your business grow tremendously! A well thought out brand is so important to improve your photography business.

Your work

Choosing what images to include on a website might be one of the most difficult, but important parts of making a website your own. When you put your photography in place of the demo site image placeholders, you will begin to see it all come together. When you begin adding your images, try not to overdo it. Put your best work forward, not necessarily ALL of your work. Including too many images can possibly make potential clients overwhelmed or impatient. If you’re wanting to shoot more of a particular style, put that first and foremost on your website.

Probably more important than just choosing the images, is optimizing them for the web. If you upload gigantic images, it will make your site run really slow. This will definitely increase the possibility of potential clients leaving your site. If you are not familiar with how to optimize images for your website, please take the time to read this blog post. Also please note: good hosting is important. Read this blog post discussing our favorite WordPress hosting company for photographers.

Once you have customized these elements of the website template, you can get a little more creative if you wish. (We totally encourage this!) All elements in these designs can be reordered, rearranged, copied, etc. However, we ALWAYS recommend saving a copy of the original template. This way, you can revert back to it at any point if needed.

If you’re too busy or not super tech-savvy, we offer template customization to help you get your site up and running within a week or two! Contact us today about getting you on the calendar. We would love to work with you!


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