How to DIY Until You’re Ready

Both custom branding and website design are vital to run a successful business. However, when starting a business from the ground up, fully custom work might not be attainable from the start. Which is why we do our best to help in any way we can. We create easily customizable products that won’t break the bank. There are simple ways for you to DIY until you’re ready such as pre-made brands, website templates, and marketing sets.

Need a custom website? Go with a website template

Website design might be one of the most intimidating and expensive parts of running a business. A truly custom website can cost thousands of dollars, which is why we take pride in providing affordable AND beautiful designs. You should NEVER have to compromise professional design because a fully custom website is not within your budget.

Both Showit and ProPhoto are great website builders built on the WordPress platform. These themes use a drag and drop platform making it easy to customize yourself. When we design these templates, our goal is to make them organized and easy to edit.

Each website template has been designed with you in mind. Yes, YOU! To ensure you find a site that fits your brand, we provide a wide variety of styles. Whether you are looking for classic, editorial, fun, simple, or edgy; we have a website template for you!

A great example of customizing a website template to fit your style is Jen Dz. We designed a custom brand for her photography business last fall. At that time, she was not in the place to revamp her website so we stuck with a basic brand package. Within the last few months, she subscribed to Showit and customized a pre-designed website template to beautifully support her brand all ON HER OWN. We just gotta say – You, go girl!

Need a new logo yesterday? Choose a Pre-Made Brand!

You might not be in need of a new website, but rather a logo. Look no further! Our selection of pre-made brands is a fantastic place to start. We created many different styled brands to touch a large variety of photographers. Both affordable and a quick turnaround time, this product really is a winner.

Here at Swoone, we typically have a waitlist that extends for several months for custom branding services. We realize the importance of launching a business and getting your name out there as quickly as possible. Which is why we decided to offer these pre-made brands. Because they have been pre-designed, the turnaround time is as quick as 3-5 business days. How awesome is that?? During this time, we will change the name to fit your business, as well as customize the colors, patterns, as well as stationery pieces.

Yep, you heard that right! Not only do these products include a full designed brand, but also a complete stationery kit. You’ll receive designs for the following: business card, gift card, letterhead, notecard, rack card, referral card, social media, and stickers! We are also willing to trade out any of these options for another piece of collateral of your choosing!

Marketing Kits

We have designed marketing kits that team up with our website templates so your business can truly become complete. From business cards to brochures and more, these stationery pieces will take your professionalism to new heights. All of our files are organized and easy to find as well as customize.


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