J. Nicole Template Customization

This custom website design for Delaware photographer J. Nicole was built with the WordPress theme, ProPhoto. For Jessica’s template customization, we began with our ProPhoto add-on design, Free Spirit. We were absolutely thrilled when Jess contacted us to redo her website. One of our very favorite things in this world is returning clients. Designing websites for former clients allows their brand to come alive. You’ll notice that J. Nicole’s site was no exception to this. When we know the entire brand story, it is that much easier for us to create a successful and impactful website.

“[I am] so happy with the way [my site] turned out and finally feel like I have something that best represents me and my brand.”  – Jessica RodgersCustom Website Design for Delaware Photographer J. Nicole

Here at Swoone, we always say simple goes a long way. Sprinkling touches of Jess’ brand throughout the site, allows her work to steal the show. The hand-painted flowers and classic script typeface from her brand concept takes place of the watercolor backgrounds and painterly pieces from the Free Spirit template. This made the template really become a unique custom website. You can check out J. Nicole’s full brand concept here. This site is classic simplicity with a soft feminine glow. This template was a great choice for Jessica because it left room for these beautiful brand assets.

Custom Website Design for Delaware Photographer J. Nicole


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