Pre-Made Brand Customization for Kate Michelle

This Pre-Made brand customization for Kate Michelle was an absolute blast. Kate contacted us in November interested in branding. Our custom branding and website services were a bit out of her price range, however, she knew how important it is to cultivate a strong brand. A Pre-Made brand was the perfect solution for Kate. In fact, one of the main reasons we offer Pre-Made brands is to provide a more affordable and quicker process.

To begin, we had a phone consultation to discuss our process and which pre-made brand fit her photography business. Ultimately, we decided that our Ellis Finch Pre-Made Brand was a great fit. This design originally includes a hand-drawn butterfly illustration. A little further down, we will discuss how we adapted that to fit her needs.

Originally Over the Moon Photography, Kate decided to make that name change to Kate Michelle Photography. We are always willing to have an open discussion about changes such as this one to help you and your business grow! It is always good to asses how you are adapting to the changes

Logo and Alternates

Pre-Made Brand Customization for Kate Michelle Pre-Made Brand Customization for Kate Michelle Pre-Made Brand Customization for Kate Michelle Pre-Made Brand Customization for Kate Michelle

During the process of customizing our Pre-Made brands, we personalize the colors and web-friendly typography options to fit your needs. For Kate’s brand, we adjusted the colors slightly to bring in a deep slate blue. The supporting typography for website capabilities remained the same.

Custom Illustration

Pre-Made Brand Customization for Kate Michelle

The base design, Ellis Finch includes a lovely vintage inspired butterfly illustration. Kate felt like this didn’t quite fit her brand, so we offered a custom add-on illustration to explore this further. We are always willing to give custom quotes if a service we offer doesn’t quite meet your needs.

Kate wanted a moon integrated with floral illustrations. We did an explorative process of a variety of floral styles as well as incorporating the concept of a moon. She enjoyed a moon-shaped floral wreath rather than including an actual moon.

Pre-Made Brand Customization for Kate Michelle

Contact us today to find out more about Pre-Made Brand Customization! If you’ve already made up your mind, purchase the brand of your choice to begin the process.


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