Leah Nicole Brand Concept

Texas Wedding photographer brand Identity for Leah Nicole includes earthy hand-drawn illustrations, a lovely color palette, and classic typography. Based out of Houston, Texas, Leah strives to make all of her clients comfortable and happy throughout the entire process. This soft, welcoming, and organic brand incorporates a hand-drawn logo, illustrations, color story, and classic typography choices.

Logo Design

Her work is organic and light, so we created a brand with soft, natural touches to compliment her work best. A classic, monoline hand-drawn script is just what this brand needed. Monoline scripts are more classic and less likely to go out of style. Accompanied by a clean san serif and lovely serif, logo variations came naturally.

Texas Wedding photographer brand Identity for Leah Nicole

Color Story, Typography, & Illustrations

The color story is meant to accompany the brand, not overwhelm it. Leah often shoots outdoors, so we used nature for color inspiration. Typography in this brand is classic with a little bit of texture. These illustrations bring a vintage, playful element to the brand.

Texas Wedding photographer brand Identity for Leah Nicole

Texas Wedding photographer Leah Nicole

 Bringing the brand together with watermarks and accents

Our favorite element of this brand is the ‘Finding Beauty in Everything’. This phrase stuck out to us when we first visited Leah’s website upon her inquiry. We just knew we had to implement this into her brand. The other watermarks are also beautiful additions to this welcoming and classic brand.

Texas Wedding photographer brand Identity for Leah Nicole

Collateral Design

All of the different elements of this brand made designing collateral a blast! Just touches of illustrations here and there made these physical elements stand out. Clients will be blown away when they receive these physical brand elements.

Texas Wedding photographer brand Identity for Leah Nicole

Website Design

We were absolutely thrilled when Leah decided to continue working with us by allowing us to redo her website. This was the first custom website project we have done that we have also completed the branding for, making this project that much more special! We had a blast making her brand elements come to life and improve her online presence; not to mention she was an absolute joy to work with!

Texas Wedding photographer brand Identity for Leah NicoleFor this template customization, we modified our Noah ProPhoto 6 template to fit her branding and photographic style. The simplistic style of this site made it possible to customize so much that you’d never guess it started from a pre-designed template. Contact us today about giving your website a facelift!

Texas Wedding photographer brand Identity for Leah Nicole


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