Lucy Skye Showit Website Template – 2021 Updates

*Update* – 2.20.22
We’ve updated the design with new custom fonts instead of handwritten words to make it easier for you to update! We’ve also made some other small fixes to the design.

We have a sweet new update for our Lucy Skye design today! I know we just released Lucy Skye into the Showit store, but it’s become one of our most popular designs!

Today we’re adding version 2.1 to the shop, and is now available for anyone who previously purchased it for Showit.

You can also download the newly added files via the google drive link included with your purchase or email us to request access with verified purchases.

The ProPhoto version will see the update at a future date.

Lucy Skye Website Template for Showit

See how to update your existing showit design with our youtube video.

Version 2.1

– The portfolio page now has the custom drawn element for “Portfolio”
– The 404 error page now has the custom drawn element for “uh-oh”
– The home page now has the custom drawn element for “sign up”
– Adjusted some spacing of elements on the portfolio page
– Adjusted the size of the navigation for the galleries on the portfolio page for mobile and desktop
– Adjusted spacing of logo
– Updated a couple of images across the design
– Updated mobile menu icon to better match the style of the design
– Updated mobile menu with a refreshed design
– Updated social media icons to be consistent across design
– Updated header menu with all navigation links
– Changed copyright year to 2021
– Completely redesigned footer and removed the contact form
– Added Contact Page
– Added Details Page
– Added a back to home page link on the 404 error page
– Added new social icons from Showit’s latest update
– Added missing mobile dropdown on blog single post page

We realize there’s been quite a bit of feedback on the hand-drawn words in Lucy Skye. Everyone loves them, but most people want more than a couple of words added and it can be costly for multiple words by hiring us to do more.

When the design was released a couple of years ago, there weren’t really any options for including custom premium fonts with designs, but today that’s changed.

In a future update, we plan on replacing all the hand-drawn elements with a premium font once we find an alternative that we feel closely matches the design. We promise we’ll try to find something affordable for everyone and will announce when the next update pushes out!

Well…what are you waiting for? Check out the latest version below!


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