Why Marketing Products Are Important

Often times, marketing is intimidating frustrating and definitely overwhelming, causing it to fall on the back burner. We are, by no means experts in this department. However, we do believe marketing is powerful and when used properly, can really improve your business. Which is why we have taken the time to run through all the reasons why marketing products are important to your photography business.

Here at Swoone, we do our best to provide easy ways for you to improve your marketing game, such as easy to customize templates. We know it is difficult to not let yourself mentally check out when hearing the word ‘marketing’. But, try your best to stick with us as we run through easy ways to improve your marketing game.

Social Media Products

As a photographer, there’s no discounting the fact that you know how important social media is to running a killer business. Whether you are on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, it is vital to be present and impressive with the content you put out. Social media can come with a lot of pressure. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of businesses, bloggers, and the like. Which is why it is important to stand out and be noticed. Below, you will find a list of products that we feel will help you do just that.

Grad Script Overlay Bundle

Use these lovely scripts on your Instagram, photo cards, welcome kit, or even your website – there’s really no limit to where and how to use these beauties! This collection features THREE different hand-drawn calligraphy styles to fit a wide variety of clients.

Newborn Script Overlay Bundle

These fun Instagram Overlays are sure to help those newborn photographers market to your most desired clients! Featuring unique hand lettering and illustrations, these sweet phrases will be sure to show off those newborn sessions perfectly.

Senior Social Sliders

We collaborate with Amanda Holloway on products geared to senior photographers. These social sliders are a great way to implement beautiful design into your Instagram profile. The best way to stand out among the tons of photography brands is to showcase your artwork in new and exciting ways that will have your audience engaging with your posts. That’s why we created our SOCIAL SLIDERS collections! Each template encourages your audience to engage with your posts by motivating them to slide to the next to see the whole story complete with several images, fun facts, stunning designs, and beautiful word art. Turn them into feature posts, facts about your business, experience showcases, product features and so much more! Each set is super versatile and can be used in several ways!

Printable Products

Social media is definitely an extremely prominent aspect of running a business. However, printable products will never lose their luster. There is something truly impressionable about handing someone a well-printed business card, thank you note, gift certificate, etc. When a client can touch and feel. Besides, so much is online these days, things tend to get lost.

We have designed marketing kits that team up with our website templates so your business can truly become complete. From business cards to brochures and more, these collateral pieces will take your professional to new heights.

Full Marketing Suites

We have designed marketing suites that team up with our website templates so your business can truly become complete. From business cards to brochures and more, these collateral pieces will take your professional to new heights.

These templates provide an easy quick solution to improve your marketing. We have provided a variety of styles in these marketing products to appeal to any style. Even if you don’t use one of our website templates, you’re sure to find a look that fits your business.

A La Carte Items

We also provide a la carte items for those who just need a specific marketing product. Some of these include about the studio folded card, pricing page, accordion brochures, etc.


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