Megan Alvarez Website Customization

This web design for Colorado wedding & family photographer, Megan Alvarez was built on ProPhoto. Megan is a moment-driven, photojournalistic photographer who loves capturing real-life moments. In her own words, she aims to provide unique, natural and fun documentary photography for offbeat couples, families, and weddings. And let us just tell you, she does just that. Our goal was to provide her with a website that allows viewers to become immersed in her work.

Web Design for Colorado Wedding & Family Photographer Megan Alvarez

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever…it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” – Aaron Siskind

In addition to this website customization, we simplified and updated her brand designed by Braizen. Good website design for photographers exhibits the portfolio and¬†allows brand elements to tastefully accompany. We sprinkled small touches of Megan’s brand throughout the site. Therefore, her personality comes through without overwhelming her work. A fun, interactive homepage grid draws visitors into Megan’s work. Grids have become a popular web design feature for photographers. Firstly, those who visit your site to get a large amount of information at one time. In addition, grids encourage more clicks on your website. And the more clicks take place on your site, the more likely they will book.

Megan identified how important it was to have a responsive website design. You don’t want someone to leave your site because it didn’t look stunning on their go phone. Every device deserves beautiful website design. So, if you’ve been thinking about updating your site, think no more. Contact us today, we would love to work with you!

Web Design for Colorado Wedding & Family Photographer Megan Alvarez



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