ProPhoto Website Design – Norah + Finch

ProPhoto Website design Norah and Finch blends a classic timeless look with a bit of trend. This design incorporates a unique color palette in addition to a lovely choice of typography. Featuring a lovely landing page and unique navigation area, this design is a great platform to stand out and keep it clean and sophisticated. The earthy color palette offers a great variety for any photographer. One unique and fun feature included in this add-on design is the static landing page.

ProPhoto Website design Norah and Finch

Beautiful images used in the ProPhoto Website design courtesy/copyright of Hannah Victoria.

ProPhoto Website design Norah and Finch

Norah and Finch incorporates a contrast of heavy, light, and fun typography. Simply classic, yet full of personality, the fonts chosen for this template will accompany your work beautifully. A unique menu grid adds a welcoming vibe and allows visitors to easily navigate through the site. Social media icons are important to be the first thing that people see. Furthermore, this allows them to engage with you further and get to know you and your business better. Another thing to notice about the menu is the amount of breathing room.

ProPhoto Website design Norah and Finch

Seven-page templates are included in this add-on website design: Base, Home Page, Landing Page, About Page, Contact Page, Details Page, and Galleries Page. The base template contains main navigation and footer blocks. The landing page is designed differently than the rest of the template, containing only a full window image with logo and navigation. The rest of the add-on design page templates contain all the blocks included in the base template as well as what you see on the demo site. As a result, the default features such as the menu and footer are easy to customize site wide.

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