New Site, New Things!

We’re releasing a refresh of our site today with a few changes that we wanted to share with the Swoone community!

FIRST! Since we’re celebrating 10 years of being in business, get 30% off anything in the shop! Use code HAPPY10 at checkout!

Pricing Changes

+ Prices are seeing a slight change. Tricking people into rounding down because it has a 9 in it is dumb. We don’t think it’s appropriate to demean customers by assuming that they can’t math correctly. So going forward, all prices will end at zero!

+ We wanted to simplify our pricing so no matter what version you buy the template for, they’re now the same price! At one point it made sense to have them both different a few years ago, but it was hard for customers to understand, and we’re all about making things easier for you!


+ The “White Plum” design is now permanently retired and will no longer be sold for either theme.

+ Savannah and Noah are both available for ProPhoto as of today!

+ “The Final Year” price has been significantly reduced. So if you’re thinking about that one, it’s now more affordable for everyone!

Retiring Services & Products

+ We no longer offer our pre-made-brand service. We had a lot of fun offering that service and product, but there was confusion about what the service was, and how it works, and we really want our service offerings to be simple for everyone. If we bring this back, we may make it simpler by just making them regular templates you can purchase and do yourself! The ones we previously sold as exclusive will NOT be coming back. So if we bring this back they’ll be new!

+ We no longer sell marketing templates. They were super niche and rarely sold, and that product no longer serves our core market of web-based templates and services.

That’s it for now! We’ll have some more new things to share soon! Keep an eye out!


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