Brand New Website And A Sneak Peek At Our 2021 Plans!

Welcome to 2021! How are you liking our brand spanking new website?!? We’re so excited to kick off the party with a few announcements and changes!

If you want to skip the update, you can save 20% off everything on our new site by typing code NY21 at checkout! Stick around, it’s worth reading!


The first thing we want to talk about is our smokin’ HOT new website and what all the changes are.

New Swoone Website 2021

Template Pricing Changes

We are very happy to still offer affordable premium website templates for starting businesses! We’re still one of the most affordable options in the Showit AND ProPhoto marketplace, and we’ll continue to do that in 2021 and beyond.

  • Full Showit Website Templates are now $199 and ProPhoto $149 (Pricing is made consistent, so some raises, some reductions.)
  • Single Full Page Website Templates are now starting at $99 and $149 (Price reduction)
  • Website add-on templates for Showit are now only $49 (Price reduction)
  • Marketing Suites are now $49 (Price reduction)

Template Updates

We have a HUGE surprise with our templates! We just literally spent 9 whole months updating every. single. design! Over 5,000+ changes were made to make improvements, change layouts, add pages, and more for 2021. ALL of our Showit templates now include a 404 error page, popup banner option, privacy page, and privacy bar option for all Showit templates. We also reduced the number of Photoshop files in designs that required them where possible.

With our new site, we also re-released some designs that were retired. You can find them in the shop right now!

So with ALL those changes what else did we do? Well…A LOT. We spent an enormous amount of time to make sure you’re only getting the BEST at an affordable price! Designs are more organized, better SEO optimized out of the box, and follow Showit and ProPhoto’s rigorous design standards. We also updated several designs in areas that needed work or needed additional pages to round out templates that were less than stellar. Finally, several bugs were squashed and some quality of life issues were fixed in some designs. Everything we did was to ensure that the quality you’ve come to expect from our sister company La Lune carries over into Swoone!

All of those updates were pushed out last week! If you purchased one of our Showit designs before and want to get the latest version updates, see our Youtube video here on how to get the goodies!


By now most of you have seen the big announcement that ProPhoto is going to a hosted version only in the coming months.

Either way, your ProPhoto 7 template purchase no matter when you buy it, now or in the future will work in the current AND the new version of ProPhoto. So rest assured you are still in good hands! If you decide to stay with ProPhoto 7 for a while or switch to the hosted option, your design will still work either way. We also still highly recommend ProPhoto as a photography theme for WordPress going into 2021.

We will only be pushing people to the new ProPhoto subscription service for 2021 and our site reflects that change. Every couple of years, ProPhoto retires an older version and ushers in a new one, and this switch isn’t any different for us! You can count on us for your ProPhoto needs going forward.


Honestly, there’s just not enough time in the mix to offer this service regularly and even though we’ve reduced the amount of time it takes to do custom brands, it’s still a huge time hog, especially when someone wants a custom brand and a website. Sorry folks, but we’re sun-setting our branding services until we’re ready to re-introduce these. There’s just not enough time in our schedules to keep providing this service. If you’re an older client who had a custom brand completed through us, we’ll still offer to help you with your needs with adjustments or new changes, just get in touch!

Pre-Made Brands

You might notice these aren’t on the website any longer. Fear NOT these are coming back with some new ones! They’ll still be sold on very limited product runs. We’re working on changes for these and will release them when they’re ready!

Marketing Kits

You may have also noticed some of our marketing kits went away. We’re still in the process of updating these, so we’ve released what we’ve finished so far, and plan to release more soon! We’ll also be adding more of these to go with our more popular designs. These along with brand kits are getting refreshed files and updates.


We’re taking a whole new approach to support in 2021, so our support site will now be more limited (and not even on the website right now) as we make the full switch to video tutorials for 2021. People honestly don’t read anymore and we’ve found a youtube video can take less time to watch and it’s easier to understand than written articles, we also provide on-demand video tutorial support for those people who purchase our templates now. With both Showit and ProPhoto going subscription (which means you’ll be literally paying for support from them) your main support route will be with your theme and you’ll have us as your wingman!

Coming Soon

We have HUGE plans for 2021 releases. New website templates, new marketing kits, tons of new Showit website add-ons and we’ll also be expanding our offerings into some other new markets too! There are over 20 new products we’re working on at the current moment! So expect lots of things from us going forward!

I wanted to give a HUGE thanks to all of you who supported Swoone in 2020, and we can’t WAIT to show you what we have in store for 2021! Check back soon!

Also, thank you SO much to both the Showit and ProPhoto teams for being patient with us while we worked to make things better for everyone. It’s been a long year of support tickets and emails, to say the least!

Oh! A huge awesome shoutout to Red Curl Creative for our beautiful new template descriptions. She’s the best! Hire her!


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