ProPhoto Installation for Charleston Photographer Carolina Photosmith

Pop some serious champagne, cause she’s live! This custom web project was a ProPhoto installation for Charleston photographer Carolina Photosmith. For this template customization, we installed our Charlie Rose website template on ProPhoto 7. Previously on ProPhoto 5, there were quite a few updates needed before we could begin the design process.

ProPhoto Customization for Charleston Photographer Carolina Photosmith by Swoone

Sometimes we run into some small speed bumps or maybe even large roadblocks during a project. Say, for example, PHP is far out of date and the hosting company won’t respond however many times you (nicely) ask. We transferred her hosting over to Flywheel, our number one recommendation for WordPress hosting. Issues like this that arise during a project help us grow in our knowledge of website design and patience, of course.

Jen, of Carolina Photosmith, wanted to simplify her brand a tad but remain bright and engaging. We sprinkled her hand-drawn illustrations and colors throughout the site. After discussing with Jen, one of our biggest goals was simple navigation. It is so important now to provide visitors a simple way to navigate throughout your website. The call to action area on Jen’s homepage intices those to view other areas of her website. This was also a great place to incorporate brand colors without becoming a distraction.

Installation is a great choice for those who feel confident to do some work on their part. To begin, we install the theme (Showit or ProPhoto) and design of your choice. Next, we link all WordPress pages to page layouts. We integrate your logo and other brand elements such as color and typography. In addition, we link your social media, customize your contact form and blog. Lastly, we customize one page layout of your choosing (in Jen’s case, we customized her homepage). Now, the only thing left to do in your part is to integrate your content and images. If you don’t know where to begin in terms of writing website content, we suggest using the design as a template.

Once we completed our part of the Installation process, we scheduled a video tutorial call with Jen. This helped give her the confidence she needed to customize the remainder of her website. Jen integrated her content and images beautifully on the rest of her website! So grab a cup of tea and browse Carolina Photosmith, you won’t regret it!

ProPhoto Customization for Charleston Photographer Carolina Photosmith by Swoone

Branding originally designed by Braizen | Purchase ProPhoto 7 here | Charlie Rose design | Find out more about template customization | Contact us to book your project today!


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