Now Introducing Swoone’s ProPhoto Support Page

The time has come, friends. We have finally revamped our ProPhoto support page! We have heard your frustrated, confused cries, and we are here to help. You will notice an entire mini-site, if you will, dedicated solely for ProPhoto support here. Included on this page are general tutorials to help you get started using ProPhoto 7. In addition, we have included a ‘design menu’ with tutorials specific to each of our ProPhoto designs. Also, make note that our ProPhoto support page will continue to grow as new features and designs are added.

Now Introducing Swoone's ProPhoto Support Page

Why the extensive ProPhoto Support

We aren’t afraid to say it. ProPhoto 7 is different. Much different than the previous versions, this software will take getting used to. With that being said, we completely understand your irritations. But, don’t jump the gun to another WordPress platform just yet. Our recommendation is to take the time to sift through all ProPhoto support materials that are out there before making the decision to switch. Once you’ve given a solid effort to learn ProPhoto 7 and you find that you still can’t get the hang of it, then make your final decision. Ultimately, do what is best for you and your business.

Why the big change

For starters, we would like to explain why the ProPhoto platform has changed so drastically. The number one reason for these changes is responsive website design. With technology evolving as quickly as it is today, there are endless screen sizes. Extra large desktops, laptops, tablets of varying sizes, and hundreds of mobile devices. With responsive website design, you gain endless possibilities. ProPhoto wants to give you guys all the possibilities to have a great website to impress your dream clients. Each time they come up with a new feature, they are thinking of how to make this theme even better for you guys.

Don’t have the time to upgrade yourself?

As we are completely aware, some of you don’t have the time to sit and learn ProPhoto 7. Which is why we offer custom website services. Installation will give you a great jumpstart to upgrade your website to ProPhoto 7. By the end of Template Customization, you will have a new and improved website live. Or, go completely custom and one-of-a-kind with Website customization!

Upgrading from an older version of ProPhoto such as 3, 4, or 5? We highly recommend considering one of our custom website services that we touched on above. We have found that those who are using much older versions of ProPhoto have the most difficulty adjusting to ProPhoto 7. Our custom website services, such as template customization, have a quick turnaround time. Your website would be updated in no time. With our custom website services, we offer ProPhoto support in the form of a video tutorial call. During this call, we will share our screen so you can learn how to make changes to your website in real time.

Where else to receive ProPhoto Support

View ProPhoto Documents

Before you begin upgrading or purchasing ProPhoto 7, it is highly recommended to become familiar with ProPhoto support documents. The ProPhoto support team provides an extensive library of tutorials and resources for ProPhoto 7 on their website. Included tutorials cover Pre-Purchase, Hosting, Installation, WordPress, ProPhoto 7, Designs, and Troubleshooting.

Contact the ProPhoto Support Team

If you need assistance with the ProPhoto theme itself, it is imperative that you contact the ProPhoto support team. You can shoot them a message here.

Email us for ProPhoto Support

For issues or questions regarding one of our designs specifically, please email us at

In Conclusion

Many of you are asking, should we stick with ProPhoto or move to another platform? The honest answer to this question depends on you. As we have stated, ProPhoto 7 is much different. Many intuitive and user-friendly capabilities have been added to this platform. The possibilities have increased tremendously, which is great for some but overwhelming to others. Ultimately, ProPhoto 7 is not for everyone. Swoone has been with ProPhoto for over eight years and will continue supporting them. However, we love and respect all of our customers and clients as well. With that being said, we want you to be happy and be able to spend more time doing what you love. Lastly, know that there is no shame in whatever decision you make. Do what is best for you and your business!


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