Rebecca Rosen Brand Concept

We are pleased to present this brand concept for Northwest senior photographer, Rebecca Rosen. Rebecca is a senior photographer out of Tacoma, Washington whose goal is to make provide a session that her clients will genuinely enjoy and feel comfortable in. Her beautiful work brings out the natural beauty and confidence in each one of her clients. This soft, authentic brand compliments her lovely, earthy work.

brand concept for Northwest senior photographer Rebecca Rosen

Logo and Color story

Rebecca’s work is clean and classic meets organic and textural. She does a wonderful job capturing her clients exactly as they are. We wanted to create a brand that appeals to her clients and photographic style. Just as her work offers a contrast of classic and handmade elements, so does this brand. An editorial style of typography paired with handpainted watercolor elements make the perfect combination. Since this monogram is rich in texture, we paired it with a clean serif font. We loved getting our hands in some watercolor and pastels. Using these different textures and materials allowed for us to create a unique, one-of-a-kind brand for her. The color story remained natural and soft, complimenting her beautiful work. Instead of a harsh, high-contrasting black, we settled on a warmer charcoal gray.

brand concept for Northwest senior photographer Rebecca Rosen

Typography and Brand Accents

We complimented the heavy textural elements with very clean and classic typography, allowing for the brand to last for years to come. These are also all free, web-friendly fonts which are essential for brand consistency. Organic and classic elements are consistent throughout this brand. You can see this through simple lines and shapes, as well as watercolor and pastel marks.

brand concept for Northwest senior photographer Rebecca Rosen


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