Showit Template Customization for The Kinship Creative

We are so excited to share this Showit Template Customization for The Kinship Creative! For this project, we customized our Noah website template on the Showit platform which was a perfect fit. Lead creative director and consultant Jen Wakeland was great to work with. She is organized, detail oriented and has a great eye for functionality. Our goal for this project was to create an easy to navigate website that provided the essential information up front and clearly.

Showit Template Customization for Kinship Creative

Showit Template Customization for Kinship Creative

In their own words, The Kinship Creative is “a team of passionate thinkers, creatives, listeners and developers. Our purpose is to help you tell your story by working to hear and understand you as a person and as a business. We are dedicated to getting to the heart of what makes you and your business tick, and figuring out the steps needed to reach your goals and realize your plans. From there we will work alongside you and your team to achieve them.” When Jen contacted us, they were ready for a website update in a limited timeframe. Template customization allowed Jen and the Kinship team to get a jumpstart on their website without wasting a boatload of time.

Needing to fit deadlines and other business obligations can make your website fall to the back burner. With this service, you have a great framework to start from when you begin brainstorming website content. Gathering content is definitely one of the most important steps in website design, but can definitely become overwhelming and even burdensome. Needless to say, these templates are meant to be used as a tool to help you.

Once we implemented their content into the template, it was time for revisions. Two rounds are completed in order to ensure the website is where it needed it to be. When we were completely finished, we scheduled a video call to go over how they could take over customizing in the future.

Video Tutorial

For each custom website service Swoone provides, we offer an online video tutorial call. This is the last step in our web design process. During this time we run through the basics of the platform you choose (Showit or ProPhoto). We also cover the WordPress admin where posts and/or galleries are created, and additional settings are made.

This call can be a more broad overview, or we can get down to the nitty-gritty. We want to service whatever your needs are, especially in terms of website design. You might be comfortable taking the reigns on your own, but not everyone can feel that confident. And we’ll let you in on a little secret – either way is absolutely okay!! Your website should always grow and develop as your business does. You might be interested in adding content and making tweaks yourself, but some might not be as comfortable. Whether you need guidance or our full-on help, we’re here for you!

This step in our template customization process, allowed The Kinship creative team to jump right in and customize their website even further. Our goal is to always leave you feeling confident in your website, whether you plan to maintain it on your own or with our help.



Although we primarily work with photographers and wedding industry professionals, we do enjoy working with other creative businesses and entrepreneurs. We believe in collaboration, so if we feel that we could make some serious magic together, we are totally on board. So, if you’re interested give us a shout and we might just be willing to broaden our horizons.

For this Showit template customization, we began with our Noah website template which has since retired. If you are unsure where to begin with website design, template customization is a great and affordable option.

Whether it be Showit Template Customization, ProPhoto Installation, or a new brand, we would absolutely love to work with you! Inquire with us today to book your spot!


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