Get familiar with the ShowIt help center to check out their library of help docs to quickly find the help you need to build your site. Also, take advantage of the Help Window at the bottom right of your screen to chat with a Show It support team member. They are extremely helpful and will get your site up in no time. So follow the steps below and get customizing! Once your site is live, we would LOVE to see the final product. Shoot us an email to with your website URL so we can Swoone over the new you!

Before you jump into Showit...

Optimizing for SEO

How to subscribe

Getting Started With Showit

If you have any problems or errors downloading any of our designs into your ShowIt account, please do not hesitate to contact us. Shoot us an email at and we will do our best to help you as much as we can! Happy customizing!

4. The design will be available to use the next time you create a new site

3. Preview the design and click “Add Now” to add it to your account

When you purchase a design, not from the ShowIt store, the party you purchase the design from should provide you with a share key. This is how the design is transferred over to your site. 

2. Paste share key to add the design to your account

1. In Account window, select 'add design' to library

You can choose to do the 30-day free trial to see if you will fall in love with ShowIt. Once you create an account and decide to go live, you must subscribe. There are three subscription options that you can choose based on the needs of your business.

subscribe to showit

Even the images on your website need to be optimized for SEO. But don't worry, it's very simple to do this. Log into your Showit app and select an image to edit the SEO title and description options. When the image is selected, select the 'Image' tab at the top of the right side menu. There, you will see an area for the SEO Title and description. To optimize the images in your galleries, select a gallery within the Showit app. Next, select 'Gallery Images' from the top of the right side menu. You can select an individual image in the list of gallery images and input your SEO image the same way you do for a regular image. Read an intro about choosing your SEO Title and Description on this Showit Help tutorial or a more in depth tutorial on SEO and images here.

Optimize images for SEO

These are all tips to help optimize your website for SEO. They are in no means a guarantee that your website will rank first on Google. For more professional SEO advice, we recommend contacting Aspinwall Collective.

Showit will automatically apply HTML tags (h1, h2, h3, div, nav, p) to any text style you use on your website. This will help optimize SEO, so it is important which header styles to use and how to use them. For you to boost your SEO ranking, you should only use ONE h1 tag per page. Think about what heading has the best information about your business on the entire page. For example, this area on our Fiona website template has important key words such as the location and type of photography offered. All navigation text styles should be set to nav so that search engines know they are navigational items. Use the text tag div for text styles that are primarily for design purposes such as large numbers or letters. Also, be sure to place your headings in hierarchical order to help search engines understand better.  Learn more about how to adjust your HTML text tags in Showit here

Optimize text tags for SEO

Another thing to pay attention to when updating your SEO is how the layers of your website are laid out. If you purchased your design from a Showit website designer, these should already be organized properly. However, if you are designing your own website, be sure to pay attention to this when customizing your website. The reason your layers need to be in order is because search engines, such as Google, scan your website to ensure that HTML appears in the page. So, layers need to be organized in the order that they appear from the top of the page. There are some exceptions to this because sometimes the design requires certain design elements to appear above other elements. An example of this would be a background image with text or graphics overlaid. 

Organize Layers

It is important to know where to add SEO into your Showit website. When you are in the site tab located on the left side of the screen and select the SEO Settings tab in the right side menu. There you can set your page title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, and Share Image. Be sure you customize all of these settings to fit your business before your website goes live.

Showit Page SEO Options

One of the biggest questions we receive in terms of Showit is about SEO. Ultimately how you rank on Google is determined on how much effort you put into learning how to properly optimize your website for SEO. Check out Showit's library of resources on SEO & Analytics, SEO Tools, and how to improve your website ranking. For more information about using headings on your website, read this Yoast SEO tutorial.

Optimize your Showit site for SEO

More Showit Tutorials Coming Soon