Sonya Sanchez Brand Concept

This brand identity for California senior photographer Sonya Sanchez is both timeless and unique. Sonya is a senior photographer who strives to capture the inner and outer beauty of high school seniors while building self-esteem and confidence through custom imagery. We created a warm, welcoming brand that compliments her beautiful rich and colorful images. An important core value to Sonya and her business are the quality relationships she builds with her clients.

Logo Design and Color Story

To begin, we majorly manipulated a bold serif to create a custom logo. Our goal was to achieve a thick and thin editorial look, but with a touch of softness. We outlined a font style and manipulated it to give us the rounded look we wanted. Pairing with this bold serif is a wide san serif font that also has a touch of glamor. The color palette is bold, natural, and sophisticated.


Watermarks, Accents, Typography, and Patterns

These watermarks each offer a unique touch to the brand story. Polished and simple, these marks will accompany her rich beautiful work with ease. We always take time to choose free web-friendly fonts for our clients to use. Western Aztec shapes and textures inspired the brand patterns.


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