Spring Cleaning your Website

In this post, we will be sharing why spring cleaning your website is important. Keeping your website relevant and up to date is a crucial part of running a successful business. And what better time than now! So, pull up your computer, a cup of tea and let’s dive in!

First thing’s first, take a moment to view your site as it is currently. Go through each page and make notes of the areas that are stale and irrelevant. Be sure to view every page and asses your current content. Try to keep an open mind as if you are a potential client. What do you want them to see first? When running through your site in its entirety, be sure to also pay attention to the images displayed throughout.

Shorten your Body Copy

Body copy is important to your website, as it allows you to create SEO rich text which increases your audience. However, be sure you have not written a novel. Include only the most useful information as possible. Keep it concise and to the point, displaying only what is most important.

Homepage Content

The home page of your website acts as the (virtual) face of your company. It is important to keep this page up to date in terms of both content and images. Keep your content short but full of engaging and informative text. In terms of images, be sure to put forth not only your best work but also be sure to include images you want to shoot more of.

About Page Content

Shorten your about body copy. People are not patient enough nowadays to read a novel about your daughters best friend’s pet hamster. People enjoy connecting with their photographer on a personal level, so be sure to include unique information about yourself. But remember, keep it concise and to the point.

Freshen up your images

Update Your Portfolio

Time to update your portfolio. Yes we know, it can be daunting. Reassessing the images you put in the portfolio of your website can be intimidating, to say the least. Nevertheless, it is important to keep your galleries updated. As a photographer, you are constantly growing and becoming better at what you do. You should show off your progress!

Images throughout your site

Freshen up your images. If you haven’t updated the images throughout your website, it might be time to show off your most recent session. If there is a particular style or way in which you would like to shoot, show those images! We always say, people won’t know they want it until they see it!

Let it breathe

Visually, be sure to ‘Let it breathe’. It is important to allow enough breathing room around your text and images. If there is too much busyness going on, potential clients might get overwhelmed and head off your website. Let your work be the star of the show!

In Conclusion

In conclusion, shorten your body copy, freshen up your images, and let it breathe. It is important to keep things concise, clear, and interesting. You want potential clients to stay on your website and book a session with you.

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