Swoone + La Lune

Hello, Swoonies! Ashley here, the founder of Swoone. I have some big news to announce today, and I’m so excited about it!

READY? Swoone has been acquired by Matt & Crystal of La Lune Creative.

Let me backup and give a little back story…

I started Swoone back in 2011 as a design hub for our templates made just for photographers. You see, I, too, am a photographer. I have always had a soft spot for anyone with a camera in hand. Swoone was a wonderful creative outlet – allowing myself and those on my team over the past nine years to explore different styles and techniques outside of the custom design work we did over at our branding firm, Braizen.

On top of running Braizen and Swoone, I’ve been working behind the scenes over the past three years on a new endeavor called The Type Set Co., where my husband and I dared to re-imagine alphabet magnets for the modern family home! What was meant to be a fun little side-hustle, quickly morphed into more than we could have ever dreamed!

As The Type Set Co. was growing, I began to wonder what would happen to these other businesses that I had been building for nearly a decade. Should I let them fizzle out or try to carve out more time to work on them or hire more people or close the door completely? None of those seemed like great options.

I remembered that several months prior, Matt posted about his interest in expanding his business footprint, and I immediately reached out. With so much of the same background and our mutual entrepreneurial mindsets, Matt and I immediately hit it off.

I knew after that first call that Matt and Crystal they would take the reigns of Swoone and keep this baby thriving for years to come. I think that they are the perfect ones to continue to make you Swoone with beautiful, thoughtful design for photographers.

We’re super excited to announce that we’ve been acquired by La Lune® Creative!

Swoone + La Lune

What to look forward to:

We’re not planning to go away, and we’re not merging companies! You can expect the same quality products and services you’ve come to expect. The really good news? Prices for designs will stay the same going forward. We love that Swoone is an affordable start for new businesses owners and we don’t plan on changing that!

There will be some shared things that we plan on sharing between both companies. One of them being support. To be able to better handle both companies support we think it’s best to just combine the two into one. This will make it easier and better for us to help you more quickly and efficiently. Services will be combined between both companies to provide consistency in offerings and pricing.

We’re not ready to announce any other major changes! La Lune and Swoone will both operate independently going forward.

We’re extremely excited to be moving forward in 2020! Keep an eye out on our social media channels for all the exciting goodies and announcements!


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