Twynn Takes Brand Identity

Let us introduce you to Lauren and Ashley Camp – a pair of southern twins who have a passion for photography and small towns. They started their full-time photography business when they graduated college in 2015. This brand identity for Southern lifestyle and wedding photographers, Twynn Takes hits close to home. This was not just special to us since it was our first custom project, but Lauren and Ashley are college buddies of our lead designer, AnneMarie. How cool is that?? Our goal as our first custom branding project was to create a cohesive and strong brand that they could use for years to come but was also unique to this one-of-a-kind pair! Tied to their southern roots and love for all things creative, Lauren and Ashley were an absolute blast to work with!

Name Development

Lauren and Ashley came to us with a completely different name in mind, Southern Takes. In no way was this a bad name, we just wanted to cultivate a stronger and more memorable title. Being twins, they had a unique advantage we just couldn’t help but utilize. We took it a step further and purposefully spelled it ‘Twynn Takes’ to give it a different spin. Lauren and Ashley are sure to stand out and be remembered because of their new and improved name.

Brand Identity for Southern lifestyle & wedding photographers Twynn Takes

Logo Design, Color Story, and Watermarks

We chose a clean monoline script as the logo to give a fun, yet sophisticated balance. A classic textured serif adds a softer, vintage aspect. For the color story, we selected earthy, organic colors that are cohesive to the brand story and portfolio. Paired beautifully, the serif and monoline script add a unique dimensional aspect to this brand. Growing up on a dairy farm in South Georgia made Lauren and Ashley who they are today. Because this was and still is such a large part of their lives, we drew inspiration from these elements.

Brand Identity for Southern lifestyle & wedding photographers Twynn Takes

“Working with Swoone was such a great experience. They took the time to get to know us and our vision for our company.  Our Business’ values and personalities are now exposed through our new design. Swoone was great at providing their touch of creativity on our logo, as they listened to our ideas and comments. Everything from the business side to the design side was easy, professional, fun and accommodating. We would highly recommend using Swoone!” – Lauren and Ashley Camp

Brand Identity for Southern lifestyle & wedding photographers Twynn Takes


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