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We are SO overjoyed to show you guys our latest Wedding and Event Venue Website Design for The Wilds!! Again, we couldn’t rid ourselves of the genius creative entrepreneur that is Alison Faulkner :). In July, we started the Brand Beaucoup process by completing the entire brand concept and collateral. We then held off for a few months until the building of the venue began to start the process of website customization.

Website Design for Wedding and Event Venue

Created with Showit, this website was an exciting change of pace for the Swoone team. We kept the design simple and easy to navigate with a one-page scrolling site. Also included in this site is a blog design and client hub to give those who book a wealth of information about this beautiful venue at their fingertips. The challenging, yet fun part of this design was that the venue didn’t exist at the beginning of the project. This allowed for a blank slate, yet intimidating process.

We created a featured section that allows visitors to see the latest updates and events. This is a good way to draw in those who are viewing your site to find out more about what your venue offers. The typography from Alison’s brand concept really gave this website texture and character.

This Wedding and Event Venue Website Design contains a variety of design elements to keep guests interested. A grid is a great way to overwhelm potential clients with all that the venue offers. It also gives room for beautiful design to make its way into the site.

A great way to break up all the informational text is by using beautiful images. This keeps people engaged for longer and gives incentive for viewers to click to other areas on your website. It is also important to have a good balance of details as well as negative space. If a website becomes too busy, it is less likely that people will stay engaged and peruse all your information.

This simple map was designed with The Wilds brand in mind. We are so eager to watch special memories take place at this lovely wedding and event venue.

We enjoyed this project so much that, we have decided to open our horizons to more wedding industry professionals. The Swoone team believes that this area is truly untouched, and are excited to venture into this world.

So calling all venues, planners, florists, etc. let’s hang out and make magic together! Inquire with us and let’s get to know each other!


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