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Writing website content might be the most difficult and important part of website design. Almost immediately after we began offering custom work, it was obvious how hard this is for business owners. So, we have (tried to) come to the rescue with a few tips to help! After all, we want you to have a website that absolutely knocks your socks off and grows your business! Below, are some tips we believe will help you get started on that dreaded content.

Create an Outline

Firstly, we suggest gathering and organizing your thoughts and ideas on your website. The best way we, personally have found to do this is with an outline. This is a great way to sort what navigational items and/or pages you want to include on your site. Now, if outlines stress you out, use something else. Make bullet points, a flowchart, etc. Just be sure to choose a system that helps YOU visualize and understand the direction of your website.

Begin simply by putting what pages you want to include into sections. You can then begin building a list of what content you desire on each individual page. Be as broad or specific as you’d like, here. We suggest starting more detailed and then condensing as you go. It really helps to see the content grouped together by how it will appear on the site.

Often times, the homepage is most intimidating part of content creation. It can be overwhelming and a little stressful, since it is very much the first impression others get about your photography business. Try to think about giving your clients a summary of the most important information. It’s always a great idea to include a little section and link to the corresponding page on your website. This guides and encourages people to check out your entire site and learn more about your business.

Templates are a helpful resource. Use them as such!

Here at Swoone, we do our very best to create website templates for photographers to use as a framework. If you’re stuck with what info to put where, how much to write, take a look at how the website template has been designed and start there. Also, pay attention to any call to action items, buttons, or text. You will notice we usually use short bursts of filler text. That is definitely intentional. When you start brainstorming the content you want to put in, try your hardest to keep it the same length!

Put yourself in the client’s shoes

Whether you are a wedding, senior, lifestyle photographer, try to pretend you are visiting your site for the first time. What info would you want to know or look for first? That seems to be very helpful in beginning content creation. We would suggest either having an easy way of contacting you on the homepage. Maybe that’s a contact form, menu item, or call to action button. Whatever it takes to help your clients easily see how to get in touch with you!

Put it out there

If you want to shoot more of something, SHOW IT! Do you want to shoot more elopements, in-home sessions, or studio sessions? Display that work first and foremost on your homepage for visitors to see right away. What they don’t know, they can’t book. Start sharing those images on your social media and pushing them to check out your site!

Simple is KEY

Seriously. Simple NEVER goes out of style and will entice your clients to book with you! The easier it is for visitors to contact you, the better. If they have to search for too long, they might become frustrated or uninterested. Our suggestion is to try to keep your page limit to around 6-7 pages, if possible. Because people are so impatient these days, try keeping your content short and simple. If you’ve got several paragraphs of text explaining, visitors are not going to take the time to read all of it. Summarize as much as you possibly can without losing important information. Break up content with your beautiful work. For example, overlay a client testimonial or information about your process on a full-width image.


We definitely do not claim to be SEO experts in the least. However, it is still a really great way to grow your audience and engage your dream clients. If you’re in need of help with SEO like we do, contact our friend Grace at Aspinwall Collective. Our designs for Showit offer areas on each page where you can choose SEO settings.


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